Managing Your Credit Card

Check these credit card management tips.


Ask yourself am I using this credit card for convenience or necessity? Consider using EFTPOS where possible (withdraw additional cash at the same time to save on ATM fees)

  • IPay off your card balances each month
  • ILook for competitive credit card interest rates
  • IKeep a record of any telephone or Internet credit card transactions and keep receipts until the statement comes in
  • IBe aware of your credit limit, consider a personal loan if you are carrying a balance regularly


  • IBe tempted to sign up for a card purely on the basis of the loyalty or rewards scheme
  • IUse your credit card if your balance is looking a bit overweight
  • IBe tempted to increase your credit limit and thus continue to build greater debts
  • IMake too many cash withdrawals from a credit card as charges may be higher for these direct transactions


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